IV Hydration Therapy

Defying Time

Aesthetics Med Spa & Medical Weight Loss located in Willow Park, TX

IV drips for hydration and wellness… Nourish your body so you can glow from the inside out. 


Go beyond hydration and nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. IV therapy is the best and fastest way for your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins bypassing the digestive tract. Taking nutrients intravenously (IV) delivers the nutrients directly to your cells at the most effective rate. As a result, you feel amazing effects of IV therapy almost instantaneously post therapy.

The poseidon 

Maximize your hydration with this basic hydration drip. 

The Phoenix 

For pre and post celebration to get your groove back. Bite the dog that bit you! Rise above and defy what recent time has done with electrolytes and glutathione that will pull you back to the best version of yourself. 

The Hercules 

The muscle recoverer! Maintain strength and health with a cocktail of muscle nourishing electrolytes and vitamins for your recovery period after working out. 

The Athena 

Fuel for the week; a long-acting dose of B12 and amino acids for energy, fat metabolism, cell health and va-va-VOOM! Your necessary electrolytes and hydration with B-complex vitamins. 


Fight germs on the GO!! Combining elements of basic hydration, electrolytes, vitamin C and lysine rehydrates your body and fights the bugs that get us down. Get the best you back from the uuuugh of illness.

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