Heather Gilliam, R.N.

Aesthetic Injector located in Willow Park, TX


Heather Gilliam, RN, is an emergency room nurse and compassionate nurse injector at Defying Time. She is proud to work with Dr. Moore and the team to serve people living in and around Willow Park, Texas.

Heather grew up in the Aledo, Texas, area and graduated from the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Texas Christian University in 2010. She started her aesthetic journey at Defying Time in February 2016 and has worked there ever since. Heather has an eye for details, and her ultimate goal with her clients is not to change them but to make them a more beautiful version of who they already are. She enjoys learning new techniques and keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing trends in the aesthetic industry.

She married her spouse in 2006, and together, they have two amazing children, Luke and Taylor.  In addition to expanding her knowledge in aesthetics, Heather is active in her community and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle, watching football, and spending time with her family and dogs.

To book an appointment with Heather, call the office or use the online booking tool.