When to Consider ProCell Therapy

You’re probably aware that there are many options for skin rejuvenation that go beyond the standard facial. These options can be incredibly beneficial for those dealing with skin concerns, from mild signs of aging to severely scarred skin. But when exactly should you consider prescription ProCell™ therapy for its many beneficial effects? 

At Defying Time, our staff offers the best breakthrough technology for aesthetic skincare. Dr. Catherine Moore wants you to look and feel your absolute best, which means we’re happy to provide you with the treatment that suits your most specific and personal needs. 

All about ProCell therapy  

ProCell therapy isn’t brand new but rather a new twist on a very effective treatment that has existed for some time. Microneedling has been around since the late 1990s, and the US Food and Drug Administration has authorized microneedling devices to help improve skin appearance in the case of wrinkles, scars, and more. ProCell therapy is an updated version of microneedling called microchanneling. 

Unlike the microneedling of the past, microchanneling utilizes a more precise tool that produces identical microchannels in the skin. Afterward, ProCell serums specifically created for your most individualized skin concerns are applied to the face to increase the procedure’s benefits. 

Why ProCell therapy might be for you 

In some cases, a typical facial treatment might be beneficial to you, depending on your needs. However, ProCell therapy is considered a breakthrough treatment that has been extremely helpful to those who might not have seen improvements with regular microneedling or another type of therapy. 

It may be time to consider ProCell therapy if one or more of these statements are true: 

Microchanneling is gentler, more precise, and more effective than its predecessor in many ways. Because of this, Defying Time is proud to offer ProCell therapy to patients who want something more than the standard option for skin rejuvenation and care. Still, it’s always best to know precisely why you are seeking any treatment. 

Consider ProCell therapy for your skin rejuvenation treatment

ProCell therapy is one of the best options for aesthetic skincare as it can improve so many issues. For one, microchanneling is incredibly effective for slight signs of aging, congested skin, and complexions just starting to lose their elasticity or brightness. In this case, only one or two treatments will allow you to experience a considerable improvement. 

On the other hand, ProCell therapy can also be very effective for more intensive issues such as deep wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and even hair loss. These situations may require as many as five treatments with the typical one to four weeks between each to allow optimal healing. 

Time to seek ProCell therapy? 

We believe that microchanneling is a fantastic option for anyone looking to treat mild to severe skin issues and is looking for a more focused option than microneedling. If this sounds like you, it’s probably time to consider getting your first ProCell therapy treatment. 

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