Determined to Prevent Wrinkles? Consider EXILIS ULTRA

Sun damage, smoking, stress, and even simply the passage of time can eventually lead to wrinkles. However, radiofrequency and ultrasound technology have made it possible to combat volume loss and sagging without needles, scalpels, or stitches. If you’re beginning to notice wrinkles and fine lines on your face, you might be an ideal candidate for EXILIS ULTRA. 

At Defying Time Med Spa in Willow Park, Texas, Dr. Catherine Moore and our team of aestheticians provide skin rejuvenation using the EXILIS ULTRA system for younger, firmer, fresher skin without surgery. 

Understanding wrinkles 

Your skin is supported by a complex network of fibrous proteins called collagen and elastin. Collagen plumps your skin and provides volume, while elastin keeps your skin supple and stretchy. 

Children and young adults have a constant supply of collagen and elastin. As these proteins are destroyed, your body quickly replaces them. However, as you get older, production of collagen and elastin decrease. Aging and sun damage slowly degrade our skin, and things like stress and smoking can speed up the process. 

As your skin loses volume and elasticity, different types of wrinkles begin to set in. Dynamic wrinkles form in places where your skin is frequently creased, and static wrinkles cause crepey texture and sagging. 

Dermal fillers and purified neurotoxins can tighten and fill in these wrinkles, and a facelift can pull the skin taut again. However, many people are turning to skin tightening technology to achieve similar effects without the invasiveness of injections and surgery. 

How EXILIS ULTRA can help 

Ultrasound therapy and radiofrequency energy have both been shown to tighten skin, which is why EXILIS ULTRA combines both. Radiofrequency energy gently warms your skin, while ultrasound waves penetrate the deeper layers. Together, these two treatments work together to stimulate collagen production.  

During your treatment, the power and intensity of the energy is adjusted to target each layer of your dermis. This ensures that the energy is evenly distributed through your skin. The warm feeling is similar to a hot stone massage.

What to expect from your treatment 

Before going in for any skin tightening procedure, it’s important to have realistic expectations. You might not see results right away, and it can take a few sessions to get the full effect of your treatment. 

Noninvasive treatments like EXILIS ULTRA are designed to rejuvenate your skin naturally, and it takes time for your body to respond. Once your body begins producing more collagen, you’ll see your wrinkles start to smooth out. You just need to be patient and consistent. 

EXILIS ULTRA treatments are not painful, and once the session is over, you can continue your day normally with no pain, no downtime, and no serious side effects. 

Want to learn more about EXILIS? Talk to the team at Defying Time to see if this treatment is right for you. To get in touch, call 888-324-8463, or book an appointment online

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